I Rorelse invites everyone to our very own Earth Hour Event

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On Saturday the 29th of March we will be celebrating the Earth Hour and  invite everyone to come and join us. The celebration will be done in typical I Rorelse (eng. In Movement) style by one of hour of continuous movement, we welcome any style of movement e.g. dancing, martial arts etc. We will of course share filipino movements for those who are interested in that.

We will rendezvous in Lund Stadsparken in front of vita scenen at 20.15 and then start moving at 20.30 sharp.

I Rorelse has chosen the Bancas for the Philippines as our project to support.

For more information visit http://www.earthhour.org

Welcome and please share!

Best regards,

Martin, I Rorelse

#yourpower #earthhour #lund

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